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Telemetrics make trolley mounting cable fault locating LOCOMP system is a basic requirement of any power company. It is a very useful system to localize the underground power cable fault of any nature in short time in low voltage power cable network.
The system is designed for stand-alone operation. It includes a surge tester of full surge energy of 500 Joules with 2 & 4 kV selectable output voltage for continuous operation for pin-pointing of cable faults.

Its flexible systems is equipped with mounted cable fault pre-locator with the TDR (Time Doman Reflectometer) mode for prelocation of fault distance and highly sensitive surge wave receiver are use for pin-point cable faults.
The cable fault locating system LOCOMP is used to pre-location of fault distance with the help of pre-locator and pin-point cable fault using surge tester in acoustic method with the help of surge wave receiver in low voltage power cable network.
Working Principle
After successful pre-location of fault distance, surges of high energy are applied to the fault at set voltage and with impulse time interval for pin-pointing the exact point of the cable fault. These surges create noise and vibrations at the fault point. The intensity of the noise and vibrations get attenuated during their travel to the ground surface. A ground microphone and a sensitive surge wave receiver carried on the route of the cable at pre-located area and pin-point the exact spot of the fault in minimum time.
The system is used to pin-point of cable faults location in Low voltage power cable. It is basically a variable DC high voltage power supply, connected to a high voltage capacitor bank. The value of capacitance is usually selectable by parallel and series combination. This combination being linked with suitable voltage taping to give the constant energy output on low voltage / high capacitance or high voltage / low capacitance. This high voltage output is applied to the cable under test through a spark discharge device.
The cable fault pre-locator is a microprocessor based equipment and can be used to pre-locate fault distance of faults in TDR mode.
Optimized surge energy for switchable capacitors values for each range.
Pin-point location of cable faults in Low voltage cables by acoustic method.
Output voltage selectable in two ranges 2 and 4 kV.
Full energy delivering capacity at each selected range.
High energy output of 500 Joules.
Adjustable output voltage from 0 to 100 % of selected range.
Single manual Impulse.
Cyclical pulse repetition for precise pin-pointing of cable faults in Acoustic Method.
Fully protected operation of surge tester with safety interlocks.
Pre-location of cable faults distance with TDR method.
Maximum range of 8 km for pre-location of cable faults.
Auto / Manual mode for pre-location of cable faults.
Automatic discharging facility of cable under test, in case of power failure or after switching off.
Continues operation for extended period in case of pin-point difficult cable faults.
Rugged trolley mounting system for easy to carry on site.
A) Surge Tester SWT4
Output Ranges
0-2 & 4 kV
Energy Output
500 Joules full Energy at each Range
Impulse Mode
Single and Auto
Auto impulse Sequence
4, 8 Seconds intervals OR as per customer request
1) On/off lamp indication
2) Analog moving coil meter for output voltage (kV) Indication
1) Variac Zero inter-lock
2) HV Switch inter-lock
3) Over Heat Protection
4) Input current Limiter MCB
Operating Time
2 hours continuous
Earth Discharge
Soft automatic discharge through in-built solenoid
B) Cable fault pre-locator TFL5
Fault Distance Range
8 km (280m, 480m, 1000m, 2000m,4000m, 8000m)
Measurement Mode
TDR (Time domain Reflectometer)
Fault Measurement Accuracy
Pulse Width
Pulse Waveform
Two polarity pulse
Pulse Amplitude
Cable Constant (VOP) range
Impedance matching
Gain adjustment
Automatic and manual
Testing accuracy
+/- 1%×cable length
Measurement dead zone
0 Meter
Auto Measurement dead zone
0 Meter
Output Impedance
25-120Ω adaptive
Sampling Speed
100 MHz
Memory Location
Serial port for PC / Printer
1 Meter
Gain Range Control
Display Readout
Color LCD and 480*280
Charging time
3 hours
Continued operating time
8 hours
C)Surge wave receiver SLE90
Power supply
1.5 V X 8 AA size batteries
Operating Time
More than 12 hrs. Continuous
Working Channels
Acoustic and magnetic
Acoustic Channel
Broad band filter 70 - 3000 Hz
Magnetic Channel
9820 Hz, +/- 10 Hz bandwidth filter
1) Dual LCD bar-graph display to indicate the levels of acoustic and Magnetic channels
2) Battery checks status
3) Peak hold signal level bar on LCD
More than 90 dB for both magnetic and acoustic channels
Input Impendence
500 Ohm for ground microphone
Output Impendence
500 Ohm for ground microphone
1.5 kg With batteries
240 (L) x 80 (H) x 190 (D) mm
Standard accessories
1) Ground microphone MIC–S
2) Headphone
3) Connecting cable
4) Caring stick
D) Accessories
1) 15 meter 6 sq mm Single core screen output HV cable with heavy duty Brass clamps.
2) 15 meter mains supply connecting cable.
3) 15 meter yellow/green earthing cable.
4) 5 meter BNC to crocodile for TDR measurements
E) General Specifications
Power Supply
230V AC + 10%, 50Hz single phase
Operating Temperature
0oC to 55oC
Storage Temperature
- 5oC to 60oC
800 (L) x 672 (W) x 950 (H) mm with caster wheels
90 Kg Approx
Standard Warranty - One Year
Other Standard Models -
HT Cable fault locating system Model: HIGHCOMP16

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